Intro to HTML & CSS for Newbies by Nina Cross

Intro to HTML & CSS for Newbies

Learn how to code in an easy, fun, and supportive environment!

So, you've been curious about learning HTML & CSS...

Maybe, you tried to teach yourself how to code but gave up a few days in.

Or perhaps you became so overwhelmed by the gazillion online tutorials on the interwebz, that you didn’t know where to begin so you never even started in the first place.

As a professional web developer, I hear these stories all. of. the. time.

A few years back, I found myself thinking...

"I wish I could show people how easy and fun it is to learn HTML + CSS so that they can add this sought-after skill to their resume or even start their own thriving business."

And boom (goes the dynamite).... the idea came to me to create the perfect course to do just that.

In Intro to HTML & CSS for Newbies, you will gain the skills, practice, and personalized support you need to understand HTML + CSS with ease.
"If you've been curious about learning HTML + CSS, you should take this course. I learned more from Nina in a couple hours than I did in years of my own research and experimentation. No need to be intimidated, either - the course is really fun and you'll be so proud of all your new skills!"
Carly E.
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Do I need to know anything about coding before taking this course?

Nopers! This is a true beginner's course.

Who's this course for? Who's it not for?

This course is for you if...
  • You want to learn the basics of HTML + CSS for any type of site.
  • You know some HTML + CSS but would like to brush up on your skills.
  • You have always wanted to tweak your WordPress site but struggled with figuring out how to make simple changes. *
This course is not for you if...
  • You are already an HTML + CSS expert.
* While we won't be diving into WordPress in this particular course, the skills you will learn will definitely help you make changes to a WordPress site. AND BONUS! I'm in the midst of finalizing my HTML & CSS for WordPress curriculum so this course right here is the best course you can take to be prepared for that.

Do I need to download any special software on my computer to take this course?

You only need two things—and both happen to be free!
  1. Google Chrome (you likely already have this on your computer but if not, you can download it here.)
  2. A premium text editor. I highly recommended:
    SublimeText if you have a Mac
    Notepad++ if you have a PC

Exactly what will I learn?

Awww man, you ready to geek out?! After taking Intro to HTML & CSS for Newbies, you will...
  1. Understand how HTML and CSS work together to create a website.
  2. Identify and write common HTML elements and CSS rules.
  3. Recognize the 3 ways we can add CSS to a website.
  4. Interpret how websites read CSS.
  5. Explain why certain CSS rules take precedence over others.
  6. Practice how to add Google Fonts in our websites.
  7. Understand best practices for keeping page load low when adding fonts and images.
  8. Differentiate padding and margin and apply them to elements.
  9. Assess how to use divs and spans along with classes and ids.
  10. Manipulate DevTools/Inspector/Firebug to test out changes in the browser.
  11. Demonstrate how floats work and utilize them to create layout changes on webpages.
  12. Describe how the position property and z-index are used to layout items on a webpage.
  13. Summarize pseudo-selectors and use them to enhance user experience.
Yep, you'll learn alllllll of these skills in under 4 hours. #winning

Most importantly, this is a hands-on course where you won’t just memorize facts, but rather, develop real-world coding skills. Plus, you’ll be fully supported by me throughout the course. I'll be available anytime via email at (woot!)

What payment options are available?

Payments are processed through PayPal. Don’t have a PayPal account? No problem! Just click on the light gray “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” button to process your payment with any credit or debit card.

What if I buy the course and realize it's not for me?

No worries! There's a 7-day 100% money-back guarantee. Just shoot an email to within seven days of purchase and it will be refunded with no questions asked—AND no hard feelings! xoxo

About Your Teacher

Hi! I’m Nina and I’m so excited to have you here! I’ve spent the last decade as a Front-End WordPress Developer, always pushing my sites to be pixel-perfect. Prior to that, I was a developer of young minds during my six years as an eighth grade Algebra teacher (it wasn't as scary as it sounds!) 

I hope my unique combination of teaching + coding skills will help you on your coding journey!

What's included?

Video Icon 25 videos File Icon 12 files Text Icon 2 text files

Course Outline

Welcome Video
2 mins
Course Project Info
Module 1
Lesson 1.1: Intro to HTML!
15 mins
Lesson 1.2: Common HTML Elements
10 mins
Lesson 1.3: Links and Images
8 mins
Project Time! 1
16 mins
Example: Project Time! 1
1.77 KB
Resource: Scratchpad
Resource: Global Structure of an HTML Document
Module 2
Lesson 2.1: Intro to CSS!
7 mins
Lesson 2.2: Where CSS Can Go
7 mins
Lesson 2.3: How Sites Read CSS
7 mins
Project Time! 2
7 mins
Example: Project Time! 2
2.45 KB
Module 3
Lesson 3.1: Colors + Fonts
13 mins
Lesson 3.2: Lists!
2 mins
Lesson 3.3: Borders, Margins, + Padding
6 mins
Project Time! 3
11 mins
Example: Project Time! 3
2.66 KB
Resource: HTML Color Names
Resource: Google Fonts
Module 4
Lesson 4.1: The Display Property
5 mins
Lesson 4.2: div, span, id, + class
14 mins
Lesson 4.3: Inspector/Firebug
12 mins
Project Time! 4
10 mins
Example: Project Time! 4
2.85 KB
Module 5
Lesson 5.1: Floats!
13 mins
Lesson 5.2: Clearing Floats
6 mins
Lesson 5.3: Creating Columns With Floats
7 mins
Project Time! 5
7 mins
Example: Project Time! 5
3.14 KB
Resource: Column CSS Rules
Resource: Clearfix
Module 6
Lesson 6.1: Positioning
13 mins
Lesson 6.2: z-index
6 mins
Lesson 6.3: Pseudo-selectors
12 mins
Project Time! 6
8 mins
Example: Project Time! 6
3.22 KB
Wrap Up
A Note from Nina...

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